Information about shipping and quality of our products

All our products leave our house freshly washed and are shipped via DHL on Mondays and Thursdays.
We have two adorable cats living in our household. Therefore, it cannot be 100% ruled out that one or the other cat hair might get into the handmade items. We therefore advise people with extreme allergies to animal hair not to buy them.
For the crocheted doilies, you can additionally select as a delivery request whether we should stretch and strengthen the doily for you. Since creases and folds can form during postal delivery, we recommend that you strengthen the doilies yourself.

Instructions for stretching and strengthening:
To prevent the doilies from forming ripples, they should be stretched and also strengthened as needed. Stretch them on a soft surface such as carpet, polystyrene sheets or similar. For the small blankets, I simply use cushions of the appropriate size. For larger blankets, the mattress in the guest bed.

When stretching, it is important to pin each corner and corner (picots) of the doily and pull evenly in all directions. You simply stretch the freshly washed, damp doily and let it dry like this.

To further strengthen the doily, spray an already dried doily with spray starch and allow it to dry again under a damp cloth or spray the still damp doily directly and then allow it to dry.