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100% handmade in germany. This is our maxim.

All our products are made of quality wool and worked in Germany. Beanies, beanies, scarves or pretty crocheted doilies.

You will find many products in creative trends. Handwork, knitting and crocheting are back in fashion. Let us surprise you and choose from our range.

Nostalgic crocheted doilies are again totally trendy. Whether Shabby Style or Vintage. With us you will find lovingly crocheted doilies, hats, hats, scarves and much more - everything made in germany

All items are 100% handmade and made in Germany.

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100% hand knitted made in germany.

Fashionable beanies, scarves and much more can be found in this category.

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many nice buttons for do-it-yourselfers

Who does not know them, the button box, the cookie jar or box with the "collected works". Also with us a lot has accumulated.

We offer many different buttons for do-it-yourselfers. Partly individual pieces, sometimes also several buttons in different colors.

Almost all buttons are made of wood, partially painted, partly unpainted in original condition. They are particularly suitable for knitted, crocheted and sewn own creations. Especially for children's clothing we have cute motif buttons like bees, flowers, kittens and much more.

The imagination knows no limits.

Important: All buttons come from Import, so they are not "made in germany".

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